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Rapid prototyping

Shape Technology works in the field of 3D prototyping through high precision processes such as the SLS and DMLS laser synthesis on metals and the Stereolithography on plastics. It is possible to create very high quality parts and in the most complex shapes allowing to significantly reduce the times and costs of construction .

Mechanical processing

The milling and turning services of metal and plastic components are efficient, they offer an excellent value for money; punctual deliveries and products conforming to customer requests are our flagship. Production is carried out in collaboration with the customer, following the drawings provided, to ensure that the finished product meets all requirements

Molds and plastic molding

Using CAD / CAM design software, we specialized in the design and construction of injection molds and plastic molding in the sectors:

Vending machines, HO.RE.CA.

Electromedical, Lighting technology

Automotive, Nautical

Gardening water treatment, Safety. Food , Pet


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